Cakes and cupcakes




Firstly me and my cupcake-friends made cakes (hopefully tasty ones!) for another class at school. Secondly we made cupcakes which I unfortunately don’t have a picture of (not even a bad-quality one from my iPhone) but an explanation will have to do for now. Anyhow we made carrot-cupcakes with cream-cheese on top! They’re really tasty I hope we will sell all of them tomorrow!

Back to studying! Wish me luck!

Once upon a coin

There is this coin…

First of all I’d like to talk about the definition of the word coin, quoting from Merriam-Webster:

“…2a: a usually flat piece of metal issued by the governmental authority as money
b: metal money
c: something resembling a coin especially in shape
3: something used as if it were money…
4: something having two different and usually opposing sides…
5: money”

The meaning of the word “coin” may seem obvious to some but the definition tells us otherwise. For instance the 3rd definition states that a coin is something that is used as it was money, implying that it really isn’t. I find it a big contradictory that number five states that a coin simply is money.

I’m fascinated by words like “coin” which is why I aim to tell you about the coin living in my room…

Hello world!

Creativenessed. What a word! Well it may not be a “real” word or whatever you’d like to call it but that is who I am. And what I am.
Have you ever considered the sentence:

“I’m creative”

Have you? If you have you probably notice the boringness of it; “I’m creative”, sounds short and quite common. However, if one would say “I’m creativenessed” it would sound unique, fascinating, original and most of all, it feels good to say it! So say it! Creativenessed!