Paint, colour and that wonderful thing called friendship

Once again I have been painting, colouring my eggs. There may be weeks left until Easter but I want to be prepared. I’ve got lots of eggs to paint and fill with candy and sweet messages before I can give them to my friends when Easter is here.


I’m not anyone that’s got lots of traditions and yearly plans when it comes to Easter except for this small thing. I believe I take advantage of Easter using it as a reason for making my friends happy. Of course I try to make my friends happy everyday but sometimes I want to do that extra thing (for example give away an egg full of candy and a message saying how much they mean to me) to bright up my friends’ day.

That’s what life really is about isn’t it? Making the people you love happy which eventually gives happiness to oneself as well. It may not be “the” purpose of life but among other things it makes up a great part of what I want my life to be about. When it all comes around that is the real purpose of life, the reasons you pick out yourself.

It’s like life is our own smorgasbord with purposes that we spend our time trying to fulfill.



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