Oreo-cupcakes recipe & tutorial

Finally! I’ve been studying, driving with my mum (don’t really want to speak about it, since it was rather… bad!) today. To cheer myself up a bit I will think about oreo-cupcakes for a few minutes, how delicious! Begin by making my basic cupcake recipe (As you see I’ve written metric and us measures!):

100g / 3.5 oz melted butter
2 eggs
1.5dl / 0.6 cups sugar
1tsk / 1tsp vanilla essence
2dl / 3/4 cup milk
4dl / 1.5 cups flour
2tsk / 2tsp baking powder

(1 package of Oreo cookies)

Let’s begin!

  1. Firstly mix the eggs with all the sugar, including the vanilla sugar or essence. Add the melted butter and the milk. Mix all the dry ingredients in another bowl to make sure that the baking powder is distributed equally. Add the dry-ingredients-bowl with the first one and mix until it looks good! 
  2. Carefully split the Oreo-cookies into halves and put one half in each cupcake form before you put the dough into the cupcake-forms and then put them into the oven 175C / 347 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 13 minutes. (Tip: only use the oreo-halves with the vanilla filling as bottoms of the cupcake and keep the other halves for the icing)

  3. As the cupcakes are in the oven it’s time to make the icing!
    ingredients icing/frosting:
    180g / 6.3 oz cream cheese
    5dl / 21 cups or 1 pint powdered sugar/icing sugar
     60g / 2.1 oz butter
    1dl / 1/3 cup sugar
    1 package of crushed oreo-cookies (only the halves without vanilla filling)

    Mix all ingredients with an electrical mixer and put it in the fridge, wait with the piping until the cupcakes are no longer hot (from the oven) to make this procedure quicker put the cupcakes in the fridge as well.
    This is what the cupcake should look like as you take them out of the oven
    This is what the icing looked like to me when I did it the first time
  4. It’s time for piping and decorating! What we did this time is that we piped half the cupcakes with the oreo-cookie icing and the other halves we piped with an icing that we bought, we wanted to try it out and see how it worked and if it was worth the money – it definitely wasn’t. Home-made icing tastes SO MUCH BETTER and it’s easier to pipe with a “real” pipe instead of using the whole tube as a pipe. We bought special piping-tips for the tube but it still wasn’t great.

  5. Now all you’ve got to do is decorating according to your own imagination, here are some pictures of my results which hopefully will inspire you!
    Good luck making your own! I deserve some hours of sleep right now as I’ll play tennis tomorrow morning. Sometimes I wonder about where the old  me disappeared, where did she go? When did the girl who loved to sleep Monday mornings become such a training-freak? I don’t know but I do know that it happened at some point.

    goodnight !


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