You are sleeping. Dreaming that life is wonderful. No problems, issues or argues. Nothing but love, peace, health and wealth.

All of a sudden; beep, beep, beep! Your alarm goes on, telling you that it is time to wake up and get ready for a new day in the real world.

As usual you don’t want to wake up. You tell yourself that five more minutes in bed and five less minutes eating breakfast won’t do any harm. You push the snooze-button and fall back to sleep.


Five minutes later; beep, beep, beep! your five minutes are over. Once again you push the snooze-button but only two minutes later another alarm goes on. You push the snooze-button for that alarm as well.

Three minutes later; beep, beep, beep! the snooze-time of the first alarm is over and what do you do? you push the snooze-button!

One minute later; beep, beep, beep! a third alarm goes on! before you have time to hit the snooze button the second alarm goes on again!

I believe you get the point! and all of a sudden there you are having five different alarms making noise at the same time, and one after another new alarms start telling you to wake up! Seriously! It’s so horrible! I hate it! Unfortunately it is the only way to get me out of bed in the mornings when my boyfriend doesn’t wake me up.


4 thoughts on “Snoozing!

  1. Let us have a moment of silence to honor the many alarm clocks that have been smashed, dashed, crashed, and obliterated in the name of “just five more minutes.”

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