Home-spa evening

After a long day of hard work including studying, exercising and running around down town in the rain and a lot of other things what we deserve is a relaxing evening. So what do we do? We prepare for a home-spa evening!


We took what we had (and bought some as well) and made different stations. This far we’ve got a nail-station, foot-station, face-station, relax-station(bubble bath with body-scrub & face-peeling) and a sauna-station.





It looks like this is going to be one relaxing evening! I really need it right now, to get away from all homework, essays and schoolwork! Also I believe I’m on my way to become ill. My throat hurts, my stomach doesn’t want to be nice to me and my head is nearly non-existing!


The gym!

Guess what! Drum roll! I just got back from the gym for the first time! It was great! I feel so much better now after exercising & showering!

I feel really excited and I’m ready to change my lifestyle! 2 days every week (at least!) I’m going to exercise in the gym! And on top of that I have tennis once a week and I’m running for my race as well a few times a week! This is the start of the new me! I’m just hoping that I will be able to keep up with everything else at the same time!

School work, my friends, family (tough they’re going away for a week leaving me behind), my boyfriend and my creativity that has to get out of my mind every now and then!

However, I’m 100% sure of that I CAN DO THIS! Because I want to do this! And therefore I WILL DO IT!