Two of my favourite girls are on their way here right now for brunch. The table is set, the strawberries, raspberries, bananas, pancakes and everything else that says brunch has been put on the table as well. The menu says smoothies, American pancakes (regular ones and banana ones) and fruits (lots and lots of different fruits!).

Over brunch we’re going to plan for Paris! I can’t believe that in less than a week we’re there! What could be better than me and my three favourite girls in Paris?!


Hard working girl

I’m getting really exhausted. I can feel it throughout my entire body! I’ve been working all days since summer break started, weird working hours and no time for other activities than working, eating and sleeping!

Where is the summer feeling? All I can feel is work, work, work! And pain in my knees, legs and feet!. Sitting down to relax a few seconds is just not a part of my job, unfortunately!

However I’m lucky to have such a great, great boyfriend who prepares dinner for me as I get home! What would I do without you!



You are sleeping. Dreaming that life is wonderful. No problems, issues or argues. Nothing but love, peace, health and wealth.

All of a sudden; beep, beep, beep! Your alarm goes on, telling you that it is time to wake up and get ready for a new day in the real world.

As usual you don’t want to wake up. You tell yourself that five more minutes in bed and five less minutes eating breakfast won’t do any harm. You push the snooze-button and fall back to sleep.


Five minutes later; beep, beep, beep! your five minutes are over. Once again you push the snooze-button but only two minutes later another alarm goes on. You push the snooze-button for that alarm as well.

Three minutes later; beep, beep, beep! the snooze-time of the first alarm is over and what do you do? you push the snooze-button!

One minute later; beep, beep, beep! a third alarm goes on! before you have time to hit the snooze button the second alarm goes on again!

I believe you get the point! and all of a sudden there you are having five different alarms making noise at the same time, and one after another new alarms start telling you to wake up! Seriously! It’s so horrible! I hate it! Unfortunately it is the only way to get me out of bed in the mornings when my boyfriend doesn’t wake me up.

Paint, colour and that wonderful thing called friendship

Once again I have been painting, colouring my eggs. There may be weeks left until Easter but I want to be prepared. I’ve got lots of eggs to paint and fill with candy and sweet messages before I can give them to my friends when Easter is here.


I’m not anyone that’s got lots of traditions and yearly plans when it comes to Easter except for this small thing. I believe I take advantage of Easter using it as a reason for making my friends happy. Of course I try to make my friends happy everyday but sometimes I want to do that extra thing (for example give away an egg full of candy and a message saying how much they mean to me) to bright up my friends’ day.

That’s what life really is about isn’t it? Making the people you love happy which eventually gives happiness to oneself as well. It may not be “the” purpose of life but among other things it makes up a great part of what I want my life to be about. When it all comes around that is the real purpose of life, the reasons you pick out yourself.

It’s like life is our own smorgasbord with purposes that we spend our time trying to fulfill.


Once upon a coin

There is this coin…

First of all I’d like to talk about the definition of the word coin, quoting from Merriam-Webster:

“…2a: a usually flat piece of metal issued by the governmental authority as money
b: metal money
c: something resembling a coin especially in shape
3: something used as if it were money…
4: something having two different and usually opposing sides…
5: money”

The meaning of the word “coin” may seem obvious to some but the definition tells us otherwise. For instance the 3rd definition states that a coin is something that is used as it was money, implying that it really isn’t. I find it a big contradictory that number five states that a coin simply is money.

I’m fascinated by words like “coin” which is why I aim to tell you about the coin living in my room…