Shaun the sheep inspired cupcakes

Finally my creativity is once again flowing the way it should! Yesterday there was a cupcake club meeting and look what we accomplished! It’s truly amazing how cute they are, we’re just great!



At first we were only supposed to make “Shaun the sheep” cupcakes but since we had many different colors of sugarpaste we couldn’t resist making some pigs, snakes and butterflies as well!

To make these cute cupcakes the first thing you need to do is my basic recipe which you can find HERE tough as you may already understand – skip the Oreo cakes!

Then all you need to do is a frosting which you can find in the same post but once again – skip the Oreo cakes! For decoration we have used white chocolate and sugarpaste, the white chocolate is wool and eyes!


Good luck!

I need to get going to school so that we can sell them cupcakes and get money for charity!


Oreo-cupcakes recipe & tutorial


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Finally! I’ve been studying, driving with my mum (don’t really want to speak about it, since it was rather… bad!) today. To cheer myself up a bit I will think about oreo-cupcakes for a few minutes, how delicious! Begin by making my basic … Continue reading

To be an Oreo-cupcake or not?


“Quoting” Shakespeare? Yes I am!

After having posted about health and training I got a feeling that I had to make it up somehow. Therefore I made cupcakes! half the cupcakes became lovely Oreo-cupcakes an the other half became, not-Oreo-cupcakes!

Tomorrow I will give you a tutorial and the recepie so that you can indulge in these sweets as well!




In the meanwhile you will have to indulge in these pictures, unless you have something else to chew on!

Chocolate cupcakes with mocha icing!

Today’s Cupcake Club recipe is chocolate cupcakes with mocha icing! Even if I personally don’t like chocolate cupcakes I understand these are considered very tasty among you chocolate-lovers! So today Cupcake club made chocolate cupcakes, which will be sold tomorrow at our school and all the money we get we will lend to those who need it through This recipe gives ~16 cupcakes.

This is what ours look like !


4msk cocoa, 1dl boiling water, 3dl flour, 2tsk baking powder, 1tsk salt, 2tsk vanilla sugar, 100g butter, 1.5 dl sugar, 2 eggs & 200g dark chocolate (70%)

100g butter, 500g icing sugar, 3-4msk cocoa & 2msk coffee

  1.  Start off by chopping the dark chocolate into pieces and then mix the chocolate and the cocoa with the boiling water and let it melt.
  2. Mix the eggs with the sugar and in another bowl you mix the dry ingredients together before you add them into the egg-mix bowl.
  3. Add the butter together with the chocolate-water and then pour it into the dough. Put everything into muffin cups and then in the oven where they should grow to become beautiful cupcakes, 175C in ~20min.
  4. When the cupcakes are in the oven it’s a good idea to start doing the icing. Just mix all the ingredients together with an electric mixer and put it in the fridge until the cupcakes are ready to be decorated with it and some sprinkles.

These are really easy ones to do and tasty (as long as you like chocolate). If you’d like to reduce the coffee taste one could simply exchange the coffee (2msk in icing) with water and reduce the amount of cocoa in the icing.

Good luck and good night!

Cakes and cupcakes




Firstly me and my cupcake-friends made cakes (hopefully tasty ones!) for another class at school. Secondly we made cupcakes which I unfortunately don’t have a picture of (not even a bad-quality one from my iPhone) but an explanation will have to do for now. Anyhow we made carrot-cupcakes with cream-cheese on top! They’re really tasty I hope we will sell all of them tomorrow!

Back to studying! Wish me luck!