The gym!

Guess what! Drum roll! I just got back from the gym for the first time! It was great! I feel so much better now after exercising & showering!

I feel really excited and I’m ready to change my lifestyle! 2 days every week (at least!) I’m going to exercise in the gym! And on top of that I have tennis once a week and I’m running for my race as well a few times a week! This is the start of the new me! I’m just hoping that I will be able to keep up with everything else at the same time!

School work, my friends, family (tough they’re going away for a week leaving me behind), my boyfriend and my creativity that has to get out of my mind every now and then!

However, I’m 100% sure of that I CAN DO THIS! Because I want to do this! And therefore I WILL DO IT!


A brush, friendship, easter-spirit and a creative mind!

It’s been a fight against time to get these ready for today, I’ll tell you that and today I was able to give them to my beloved friends! Which is the reason of me not posting this earlier, since I know they’ll be reading. Anyhow, this is really easy and fun to do!


All you need is some cardboard-eggs. I bought some that were made for being painted but I’ve also used these”ordinary” ones that already have a pattern on it.



Then I just simply painted them with some colours that I know my friends like and decorated them with nice ribbons and some stickers. Finally I filled them with sweets and cute friendship quotes!

And this is the result!




The best thing about this ‘project’ was to see the expressions on my friends faces when they got their eggs. And the comments, and the hugs and everything. However My friends sometimes seem to overreact in these situations making it seem like I am like the best best best friend ever – type of thing.

Tough, I guess I will have to survive that, when it all comes around it is about making others happy. And I know that it is necessary when holidays are coming! I know I feel the pressure, having lunch with the entire family may not always be as sweet as it sounds!

Making others happy always cheers me up so do don’t you believe I did it all for you my dear friends!